The Book of Mixers:
100 Easy-Teach Dances
for Getting Acquainted

by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge

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A mixer is a social dance in which dancers have the opportunity to dance with multiple different partners over the course of one song. This allows dancers to efficiently meet new people, which helps break the ice and build connections in the community.

In this comprehensive guide to mixers, you'll learn over 100 different mixers, including:

Walking mixers, which can be successfully danced by anyone, even those with no prior dance experience.

Waltz mixers, including walking mixers in 3/4 time, as well as mixers for Rotary Waltz, Reverse Waltz, Cross-Step Waltz, Mazurka, Polka, and Schottische.

Visiting couple dances (specifically, Sicilian Circles), in which sets of two couples interact with each other before continuing on to visit with different couples.

Freeform mixers, which can be adapted to any partnered dance form.

And mixers for a variety of other dances like Swing, Bachata, Nightclub Two Step, Salsa, West Coast Swing, and Tango!

Published by Redowa Press